New Chairman 2023/24

Introducing the new Chairman of Rainford Parish Council, Councillor Christopher Lamb BEM, here is what he had to say at his first Chairman’s Evening and first fundraiser of his year, which raised approximately £800.
I am deeply honoured and humbled by your trust and confidence electing me as the chairperson of our Parish council. I would like to thank each one of you for your support and encouragement throughout along the way. As we begin this new chapter together, I would like to thank our out-going chairman Stuart for his inspiring leadership over the past year. Of course, you had a great deputy too didn’t you Stuart?
I’d also like to thank Cllr Dodson, Liz for being my Deputy for this year. I am very grateful to you for accepting the post.
Tonight, isn’t about me at all though. It’s really for us to thank you all who do so much for this great village of ours. From Picnics in the Park to our inspirational people, our children’s groups, our band, our cricketers too, we’re very proud and privileged to live in such a special place.
It’s also our first fundraiser for the year as we work to improve and repair the Village Hall, I would ask for your support with our events planned for the year.
I want to share with you my own vision for the council and the community we serve.
First and foremost, I believe that our council should be a beacon of transparency, accountability, and inclusivity. We must strive to listen to the voices of our neighbours and friends, and work to address their concerns and needs in a timely and effective manner.
I pledge to work with every one of you to foster a culture of open communication, mutual respect, and constructive dialogue.
Secondly, I believe that our council should be a driving force for positive change in our Parish. We must work to further the quality of life of our residents, enhance economic development, and strengthen our community’s social fabric. I promise to work with local businesses, charities, community improvement companies and leaders to identify and influence initiatives that will benefit our community as a whole.
Lastly, I believe that our council should be an exemplar of good governance, sound financial management, and ethical leadership. We must uphold high standards of professionalism, integrity, and accountability in all our actions and decisions. I pledge to work with our council members to ensure that our policies and practices reflect these values and principles.
In closing, I would like to thank you again for entrusting me with this important responsibility. I am excited and energized to work with each of you to make a positive difference in the lives of our residents, now and for generations to come. Let us roll up our sleeves, put our heads together, and get to work!
Thank you.