Call at the Hall

Sadly, due to the Very High Local COVID Alert which comes into force on 14.10.2020, the bar at the Village Hall cannot continue to open on Friday and Saturday evenings.  Thanks to everyone who supported the Friday quizzes; they will be back as soon as possible.



As a Village we are known for pulling together when times get a little hard. Rainford Village has a number of shops, cafes, takeaways and bars. We are also home to a number of businesses, with this in mind we are starting a campaign “Be Local, Buy Local” We are inviting all local businesses to get in touch so that we can promote their business, shop, cafe, bar etc…Tell us what you do, about your staff and how things have changed for you. This is a great way to get to know what is available locally. Please email your details to


As a Council we have noticed a swell of volunteers offering support and help to vulnerable residents. With this in mind we are registering with the correct authorities as a volunteer group. In the coming days we will be asking for volunteers to come and register with us. This is to safeguard yourselves and the residents that are in need of assistance. We will be working with all our Village Groups to identify vulnerable people. You will be asked to bring ID with you and will be issued with a photographic ID badge to wear when you are visiting and helping. Again this is to Safeguard all involved.