Finance, Planning & Administration Committee meeting agenda 13.03.2024

AgendasFinance, Planning & Administration Committee Uploaded on March 7, 2024

You are summoned to attend a meeting of the
in the Council Chamber at Rainford Village Hall on Wednesday 13 March 2024 at 6.30pm

The press & public are invited to attend
1. Apologies for absence

2. Approval of the minutes of the meeting held on 14 February 2024

3. Plans
P/2024/0075/FUL Erection of detached outbuilding in rear garden to facilitate hair salon
6 Heysome Close, Crank
P/2024/0084/HHFP Demolition of the existing rear conservatory and erection of a single storey front extension with pitched roof over to match existing, single storey rear extension with rear dormer window, 2no dormer windows to the front and a front porch
Brookfield, Springvale, Reeds Brow, Rainford
P/2024/0087/HHFP Two storey front extension, part loft conversion along with alterations to existing window and door openings following the demolition of existing conservatory
117B Higher Lane, Rainford
P/2024/0091/OUP Outline planning for eight detached dwellings (Use Class C3) with associated landscaping, access and parking with all other matters reserved
Land adjacent to Peet Meadow, Rainford
P/2024/0105/HHFP Demolition of existing conservatory, single storey side and rear extension forming wraparound extension and a proposed first floor side dormer
8 Pinedale, Rainford

The following applications have been granted:
P/2023/0703/FUL Erection of Industrial building B2 9general industry)/B8 (storage and distribution) with office/ancillary accommodation
Land South of 94 Sandwash Close

The following applications have been refused:
P/2023/0714/FUL Change of use of café (Class E) to takeaway (Sui Generis)
169 Ormskirk Road, Rainford

4. Clerk’s Office Report
i. A meeting has taken place with Steve Littler and other officers from St Helens Council regarding the lease for the Village Hall. Copies of documents were requested by the officers, which have been provided. The list of works and information for the lease which Steve Littler stated would be provided before Christmas has still not been received. A further email has been received from Paula Blellock. This is a separate agenda item.

ii. The invoice for the outside tree lights for Christmas has now been received. It is £1008.00
iii. The sanding and polishing of the Main Hall Floor will take place week commencing 25.03.2024. Payment will be made in the next financial year. Classes in the Main Hall have been cancelled.
iv. The quotes for replacing the boilers Has been received: £30,779.00 + £2400.00 to flush the system:
Replacement of 2 x 60kw Ideal Heat Boilers,
Please see below our quotation to carry out
the following;
Complete strip out of existing boilers
Installation of framework for boilers
Supply & installation of 2 x 60kw Ideal Heat Boilers.
Installation of Shunt Pumps to boiler pipework
Supply & installation of auto fill unit & expansion vessel
Alterations to system pipework.
Installation of bespoke flue systems to boilers
Replacement of 2 x heating pumps.
Our cost to carry out the above would be £30,779.00 + V.A.T
For flushing of heating system
Our cost would be £2,400.00 + V.A.T
Costs are inclusive of electrical & commissioning works.
v. The new printer has been installed and is working well.
vi. The Fire Alarm has been serviced. A recommendation was made for additional smoke alarms in the corridor leading to the toilets. The quote for the cost of this is: £990.00.
1) . Recommend installation of detection in the main entrance lobby above the fire alarm panel.
2). Recommend installation of detection in the toilet corridor Ground floor.
2 x Optical Smoke Sensor & Base @ £120.00
Installation/Materials @ £700.00
Commissioning @ £170.00
Total Cost at £990.00 + VAT.
vii. A meeting has been arranged with Jenny Wynn, Police Officer responsible for Rainford on Monday 11.03.2024 at 5.30pm for her to meet Councillors and discuss any issues of concern.
viii. The PCC of All Saints Church have been asked if they would consider having the Blood Box on the Parish Hall. A decision has not yet been received.
ix. A letter regarding roadworks to Windle Farm Cattle Creep will take place between 17 March 2024 and 20 April 2024.

5. Income & Expenditure for February 2024
Receipts £ 17,416.97
Payments £ 19,716.61
Bank balances @ 28.02.2024:
Current Account: £3,426.23
Business Account: £51,056.42

6. Village Hall Lease

7. Bar Prices/Cost savings

8. Staff issues

Sally Powell
Clerk & RFO to Rainford Parish Council

11.FPA Agenda 13.03.2024