The Future of Library Services in Rainford

Councillors Long and Sterry recently met with Dave Boocock, Head of Culture & Wellbeing and Kathryn Boothroyd, Library Services Manager at St Helens Council. The Council are currently consulting on the draft library strategy that it has published. If you have not yet completed the questionnaire, or you want further information, you can do so at the following link: 
The Parish Council is interested in exploring the possibility of a community led library in Rainford and is very keen to know what you think of this idea.
Parish Councillors will be taking every opportunity to engage with local residents about the library and whether it is a resource they would like to see continue in Rainford.
Please leave comments or email
The answers to the following ‘Library Quiz’ would be very helpful: 1. Do you think Rainford needs a library? YES/NO
2. Why, or why not?
3. How often do you visit Rainford library? Once a week/Once a month/Once a year/Never
4. Do you think a community led library run by volunteers would work in Rainford? YES/NO
5. Would you be interested in being involved? YES/NO
If yes, please email your contact details to: or call 01744 884709