St Helens Foodbank Appeal


St Helens Food Bank Appeal

UHT Milk

Long Life Orange Juice/ Cordial


Tinned Rice Pudding/ Custard

Tinned Tomatoes

Tinned Vegetables

Tinned Potatoes

Instant Mash

Tinned Fish

Long Grain Rice

Tinned Meat

Instant Coffee


Packets of Savoury Rice/Pasta in Sauce/ Super Noodles

Tea Bags


If you can help Our Warm Welcome local charity based at Corpus Christi Church are accepting donations at the church garden Tuesday 7th April 2020 1-3 pm and 6-8pm

Are you self-isolating because of Covid-19? Rainford Volunteers News

Help is a hand from your neighbours. Local volunteers have come forward to help you with shopping, posting letters, being someone to talk to on the phone, or any reasonable request.

If you have Facebook or WhatsApp, we can all communicate that way, but if not, don’t worry, we’ll get in touch with you any way we can to help.

SHOPPING: Write a list of what you need. Put pack sizes, brands and how much you usually pay, remember that the person doing the shopping doesn’t know what you usually get. We’ll come and collect your list, buy your items and drop them off. Please bear in mind that whoever gets your shopping may not be able to get in right away, they might be picking it up after work, so please be patient. Please be aware, the brand you have asked for may not be in stock, so you may receive the closest substitute available.

SOMEONE TO TALK TO: Self-isolation needn’t be isolating. If you live alone and want to have a chat, we have a phone number you can ring. It be either a volunteer or another self – isolator. Please let me know if you can help.

WELFARE CHECKS: if you just want someone to knock on the door to make sure you are OK.

DOG WALKING: self -isolation does not mean you can’t go outside! You can continue to walk your dog as long as you are avoiding contact with other people. If you have difficulties with walking your dog please get in touch.

DATA PROTECTION: we will need your name and address, and maybe your phone number or email address. We will restrict the use of these as much as possible, and will not use them for any other purposes than those stated.

If you need, or if you can provide assistance to other people there are a number of ways that you can contact Council and Village Hall staff, main office number is 01744 884709 social media pages, email us at and our mobile which is 07410 132073.

Crematorium and Cemetery News (Covid-19)

In the interest of public health, we’ve taken the decision to put restrictions in place at the borough’s crematorium and cemeteries.

Funerals and burials will still go ahead, but with a current limit of no more than ten immediate family members permitted to attend, in accordance with Government social gathering and distancing guidance.

While public access to both cemeteries is still available, we ask that residents refrain from visiting the grounds until it is safe to do so.

St Helens Council’s Cabinet Member for Environmental Services, Councillor Andy Bowden, said:

“The council is having to make some really difficult decisions in light of the rapidly-changing developments around Covid-19, and given the sensitivity linked to this particular service – this was one of the harder decisions we’ve had to make, but I hope an understandable one if we are to do what we can to stop the spread of this deadly virus.

“It is extremely important that we consider the health of both mourners and staff – but we will continue to work closely with funeral directors and monitor how we continue to deliver services as respectfully as possible at this difficult time.”

Cemetery offices have been closed until further notice, however the Bereavement Service team can still be contacted by calling 01744 677101 or emailing

Household Waste and Recycling News (Covid-19)

The council has taken the decision to suspend recycling, food and garden waste collection services following the day’s collections on Wednesday 25th March, in order to prioritise staff resources to support our household waste and clinical collections.

The suspension of the recycling, food and garden waste will allow the crews to concentrate on emptying brown bins. As an authority, we understand theses changes are frustrating, however due to the unprecedented position we find ourselves in, it is one we feel we need to take.

On Thursday 26th March we will introduce a weekly collection of your brown bin. Please do not put out your recycling, food waste or garden waste receptacles out for collection from this date, as they won’t be collected.

All waste can be stored in your brown bin, and will be collected on your normal brown bin day. If you are a Monday collection, you will be collected every Monday going forward. We will continue to monitor the situation and will keep residents informed of the current situation. Please ensure your bin is presented as per our collection criteria, bin lids must be down and no additional side waste will be removed.

National Government guidance for those who have symptoms of COVID-19 is to dispose of any used tissues or hygiene products (such as disposable cleaning cloths) in a bin bag, tied securely.

These bags should be placed into another bin bag, tied securely and kept separate from other waste. This should be put aside for at least 72 hours before being put in your general household waste bin (brown bin) for collection as usual.

There is no need to arrange for a clinical waste collection for this type of waste.

Bulky waste

We are no longer taking bookings for bulky waste collections in order to prioritise our main collection services. Any appointments already booked will be honoured.

Household Waste Recycling Centres

Household Waste Recycling Centres (local tips) have been closed by the Merseyside Waste and Recycling Authority. This affects the Ravenhead, Rainhill and Newton-le-Willows centres.