1. 2024/25 Minutes of a meeting of the Community Liaison Committee 03.06.2024

Uploaded on July 2, 2024

1. CLC Minutes 03.06.2024

Minutes of a meeting of the Community Liaison Committee of


held in the Council Chamber at Rainford Village Hall on Monday 03 June 2024 at 6.30pm


Present:               Councillors: Denton, Dodson, Reynolds (arrived 6.33pm) Stockton-Pugh,

Whalley (Chairwoman)

In attendance:  Sally Powell (Clerk)

Lisa Roxby (Events Manager)


The following Councillors are members of this committee:


  1. Apologies for absence:



  1. Minutes of the last meeting

There were no minutes as the last meeting of the CLC was not quorate.


  1. School Liaison Officer’s Report:

Councillor Whalley informed the meeting that she had taken over the role of School Liaison officer.  Councillor Dodson spoke about the last Youth Council meeting.  Unfortunately, there had been a communication breakdown, so the meeting had not taken place.

Councillor Dodson informed the meeting that she had informed all the schools that Councillor Whalley had taken over the role of School Liaison.


  1. VIP Report:

It was agreed that the notes from the VIP meeting and the calendar should be brought to the CLC meeting.

Action: The Clerk/Event Manager

There were discussions regarding:

  • Letters to businesses regarding the Christmas Fayre
  • Autumn SWISH. It was felt that young people would not like to attend this sort of event.
  • Community Cinema: Councillor Reynolds spoke about the history of the Community Cinema and stated that he had always wanted to show the Harry Potter films and suggested some extras that could be provided. The licenses for the films are approximately £100 each, so plenty of tickets would have to be sold.  If extras were included, then the ticket price would be higher.  Dates will be looked at for Community Cinema over the summer holidays.  Input from younger people would be needed to ensure an appropriate film was picked.  It was agreed that the Youth Council would be asked.

Action: Councillors: Denton/Dodson/Whalley

There was a discussion about whether the Community Cinema should make a profit, or be a community event that just breaks even.  Councillor Reynolds suggested that the High school could be involved in running the Community Cinema.

  • The Beer Festival. There was a discussion about possible reasons why this year’s event had not been so profitable. The following suggestions were made:
  • It was agreed that figures for the past 5 years should be looked at
  • It should not be held on a half-time weekend.
  • Ways of getting people to attend on the Sunday need to be investigated. One suggestion would be to start and end later on the Sunday as families have activities in the morning.
  • Local Gin distilleries could be approached for a free bottle for the Gin Table.
  • Banners should be placed outside the Village Hall. There are problems with this because the Village Hall is within the Conservation area.
  • Make sure it is advertised in the school’s newsletters
  • Must be aware that a lot of people do not use social media. It is very important that the newsletter is available via email for people to sign up to.
  • Document for all new parents/carers at schools informing them about the Village Hall and Parish Council.
  • Where’s Whalley could be done again
  • There was a discussion about getting information out to residents and using a newsletter for this purpose and getting the Youth Council to contribute.

Action: The Events Manager/Councillor Whalley


  1. Heritage Memorial:

As Councillor Reynolds informed the meeting of the up-to-date position regarding the planning application for the memorial stone and board. Cover this.

The Stonemason had withdrawn due to lack of insurance.  The Parish Council’s insurance have been asked to cover this.


  1. Rainford Youth Council:

Councillors Dodson and Whalley informed the meeting that only the members from the High School attended the last meeting.  The next meeting will take place on 18.07.2024, but this is very near to the end of term, so may be changed.


  1. Neighbourhood/Parish Plan:

Councillor Roberts was not at the meeting, but there was a discussion about how to get the consultation document to as many people as possible.  A video for social media was suggested and contacting BBGA.  Councillor Reynolds will chase his contact at Cheshire East


  1. Knife Savers:

The PCC have refused permission for the Blood Box to go on the Parish Church Hall wall.  There was a discussion about where the box could go and whether it would be possible to have the box on the side of the Village Hall.  The Events Manager informed the meeting that Councillor Bowden was going to approach the dentist on .


  1. Community Hub:

Councillor Denton informed the meeting that numbers attending are still very low.  It may be the day  as every other Thursday there is bingo in the Scout Hut.  This month it is a free afternoon tea and dance, to encourage people to attend.  The format will also be considered, as perhaps a different one would be more inclusive.  Again, trying to reach people to inform them that the event is happening can be difficult.  There was a discussion about how attendance could be improved.


  1. 10. 50 years Gala Dinner:

The date set is 28.09.2024.  Councillor Denton wanted to know how many Councillors were available to attend on this date.  The Events Manager informed the meeting that the date could not be altered again as the entertainment had already been booked.  She had spoken to Councillor Holden about the menu as it needed to fit in with the entertainment, plus the additional costs of kitchen and serving staff.

There was a lengthy discussion regarding the event including:

  • the ticket price and whether it can be set before the menu is agreed
  • the entertainment.
  • It was also suggested that the event does not go ahead.
  • The Event Manager gave some possible alternatives, such as a Hog Roast.
  • Councillor Reynolds suggested that Rainford Band could be asked to perform
  • Alternatives for the food and format of the evening which might sell more tickets, such as a 70’s theme
  • Whether a profit should be made on the ticket price

It was agreed that the ticket price should not be more than £35

Action: The Events Manager


  1. Solar System on the Linear Park

Councillor Reynolds informed the meeting that the possibility of this was being considered again.





There being no other business, the meeting closed at 7.52pm









Councillor Whalley

Chairman, Community Liaison Committee

Rainford Parish Council 2024/25