Chairman’s Announcement

We want to inform you of the steps we are taking to help our community through these unprecedented times.
We aim to have our Volunteer Service up and running within the next few days and will update you all on how and when to register as volunteers or if you are someone who needs assistance. Our concern is the safeguarding of both the volunteer and the vulnerable.
It is important that those requiring help do not engage anyone not known to them unless they are in possession of Identification.
Some local businesses are providing a home delivery service and we will shortly be publishing their details.
We will continue to follow Government advice as the situation develops and keep you updated on any changes that affect our community.
Please contact us 01744 884709 or 07410 132 073 if you have any particular concerns and, in the meantime, we wish you well.

Councillor D Monk
Chairman of Rainford Parish Council