Corpus Christi charity ‘Our Warm Welcome ‘ have teamed up with Teardrop and St Helens Food Bank to get supplies to those in our area who are really struggling.
If you are able to support them, please use your exercise time tomorrow, (Tuesday 7 April), to take what you can to Corpus Christi Church Garden between 1pm and 3pm or 6pm and 8pm. The list below are things that are particularly needed, but any food will be very gratefully received and distributed to members of our wider community who are particularly affected by the current situation.
Many thanks

UHT Milk
Long Life Orange Juice/ Cordial
Tinned Rice Pudding/ Custard
Tinned Tomatoes
Tinned Vegetables
Tinned Potatoes
Instant Mash
Tinned Fish
Long Grain Rice
Tinned Meat
Instant Coffee
Packets of Savoury Rice/Pasta in Sauce/ Super Noodles
Tea Bags
If you can help Our Warm Welcome local charity based at Corpus Christi Church are accepting donations at the church garden Tuesday 7th April 2020 1-3 pm and 6-8pm